Think ahead to that wonderful moment when you've finally been offered your new position
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If you’ve just started searching for a new position – perhaps not having done so in a while – there’s good news and not so good news.

The good news
The good news is that you’ve found bluemonday and we are more than happy to give definitive advice on how to go about making your next career move!

The not so good news
The not so good news is that many companies, particularly when trying to fill more senior positions, are making the selection process much more rigorous and thorough. Until recently, most of us had to face nothing more stretching than a simple one-on-one with our potential new boss. We knew that he/she would ask us the usual questions and we played the interview game with its set piece ping pong answers safe in the knowledge that he/she had had little in the way of interview training and was usually looking for someone in the same mould as him/herself anyway.

Reality these days is that you may well have to face a combination of abilities tests, psychometric profiling, a selection panel, perhaps even the all encompassing ‘assessment centre’ where you will be assessed alongside - and in competition with – other short listed candidates.

But don’t worry (too much). Think ahead to that wonderful moment when you’ve finally been offered that new position. You can just picture yourself settling into your new role. The decision whether to accept is yours. It dawns on you that the boot is now very much on the other foot. Of course you’d never turn the offer down. But you could.

Nice feeling or what?

To help you get there, we’ve put together a few words of advice. Of course our pearls of wisdom can’t cover everything and we’ve taken the liberty of recommending a few other sites as well as other parts of ours to visit on your journey towards finding your next position.

Good luck!