Keep these killer questions up your sleeve but use them with disrection
Killer interview questions - YOU can ask
  1. What is the best or toughest question I could ask you to find out about the worst aspects of this job?
  2. Which person in the/my department can I learn the most from?
  3. What can he/she teach me? Can I meet them?
  4. What makes this company a great place to work?
  5. What are the biggest problems facing the department/company?
  6. If you were my best friend, what would you tell me about this position that we haven’t already discussed?
  7. Is there anything that leads you to think I might not be the most suitable person for this position?
  8. When top performers leave the company, why do they leave and where do they go?
  9. If I do a particularly good or bad job in my first three months, how will you let me know and what steps will you take to help me improve?
  10. What criteria will you use to evaluate my performance and is there a process whereby employees get to rate their boss?

As we said - unless you are a true superstar with several job offers up your sleeve, use these killer questions sparingly and with discretion.