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  • We are hungry for your business and know you have plenty of other recruitment companies to choose from.
  • This is the main reason why we benchmark and measure our performance against others in the industry. We don’t and won’t compromise on efficiency, speed and delivery of results. And we know we have to provide amazing levels of service and support. Always.
  • We regard every assignment as unique and will work with you on a cost effective and timely solution that meets your requirements.
  • We do not rely exclusively on headhunting or on advertising or on our ‘Talent and Skills’ database. A lot of the time we use a combined approach and will sometimes ‘headhunt’ for comparatively junior positions.
  • We prefer to keep some of our procedures confidential. For information on our full range of services (including psychometric assessment) please call Debbie Whelan on +44 7855 313097 to discuss your requirements.